Youth Board

I have to share a rather moving moment I experienced last night at the Deer Shed. A father brought in 3 deer his children had harvested yesterday. His son harvested a doe and his daughter harvested both a buck and a doe. Both children decided to donate a deer for the hungry. The little girl asked her father which animal was bigger, the dad told he the buck was, so she said “Since the buck is bigger lets give it to the hungry that way we feed more people” If these young hunters are the future of our sport we will be in good hands. My hat off to both of these kids!!

Alex Mahurin

Here is the story of Alex Mahurin’s last Youth Hunt!         I’m Alex Mahurin. And This is the story of my last Indiana Youth Hunt. I was just a young boy whenever Indiana first introduced the Youth Hunt, and have hunted it ever since. I’ve hunted very […]

Alayne Syvester

Here is the Alayne Sylvester story in her own words! I got a call from my dad saying that he got off work early and that we could go hunting that evening. It was the first day of the youth hunt. We went to an old stand we had up […]

Adam Puckett

Young Adam was able to harvest this buck in Monroe county with a muzzle loader.  This was Adams first year hunting by himself and this is his 4th buck he has taken over the past five years.  Congratulations to Adam with his great trophy!! I am sure we will see […]

Blake Albertson

While hunting with his dad and family friend young hunter Blake Albertson was able to harvest this giant Indiana buck.  The buck topped the scales at a whooping 233 pounds field dressed.  Blake harvested this buck at less than 10 yards with his bow, and to top it off this […]

Eric Ead’s

This Nice Buck was Eric’s first deer he has been able to harvest.  Eric has been hunting for 3 years and he was able to take this buck while hunting with a family friend this morning.  The deer came within 30 yards from the ground blind Eric was hunting.  Great […]

Ethan Sowder

While hunting with his dad out of a ladder stand today Ethan was able to take his second buck in only his 3rd hunting season!! He was able to harvest this gorgeous 10 point buck with one shot of a 44 caliber rifle. Congratulations to Ethan!!!