Products and Services

Services and Products
Basic Butcher cuts:
1. Tenderloin “Chops”
2. Bone in and Boneless Roast
3. Steaks
4. Burger
5. Stew Meat upon request
6. Ribs upon request
All of the above cuts are included in our standard processing fee. We can package any of the cuts to suit your personal needs. If there is a finish cut that does not suit your eating habits ask us what your options are!! All finish cuts except Bone in Roast are De-boned and tenderized with all fat and sinew removed.

Burger Seasoning and Suet

We offer multiple types of seasoning options for your burger.  We can custom flavor your burger to fit your wants and needs.  Let us know the way you enjoy your burger meat and we will be happy to give you recommendations to maximize your enjoyment.  Also if you like bacon or ground beef or other things added to your burger bring it with you when you drop off the deer and we will be happy to mix it in.  We do each deer individually which allows us to customize your finished product in endless ways.

Trophy Harvest:
Let us know if you would like your harvested animal to receive taxidermy work. We will prepare the Cape to send to your favorite Taxidermist. Or we can have your harvest picked up directly from our shop through Pritchards Taxidermy so you don’t have to store or deliver the trophy!

Smoked Products and Specialty products
1.   Summer Sausage 3lb per roll
2.  Summer Sausage with Cheddar Cheese 3lb per roll
3.  Jalapeno and Cheese sausage 3lb per roll
4.  Jalapeno and Hot Pepper Cheese Sausage 3lb per roll
5.  Texas link, spicy 1lb bratwurst made for grilling !!
6.  Breakfast Sausage Hot or Mild 1lb per package
7.  Jerky Hot or Mild 1lb per package

Deer State Check-IN site
We offer check in services to our customers so you can come straight from the field to us and we will take care of the rest!

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