Common Questions

1. Is the deer meat I get back from my deer?

All finish cuts and burger are your deer meat.  We number your harvest when it enters our shop and that number follows your meat through the process.  The only meat that is combined is for smoked goods.  We cook in 100 pound increments so it takes multiple animals to reach this amount of weight

2.  I just harvested an animal what do I do?

The first thing to do after you have confirmed your harvest is to place a temporary tag onto the animal to satisfy the states laws.  If you need some temporary tags ask next time you are in the shop and we will give you some!  The next step is to field dress the animal.  Pay careful attention to the bladder and stomach areas so that you don’t puncture them.  Next wash the inside of the rib-cage and between the back legs.  Last step is to get the carcass cooled off.  If you can not bring the animal to us immediately make sure you fill the rib cage with bags of ice and if possible hang the deer up by the back legs out of the sunlight so it can cool.

3.  How much meat will I get out of an animal?

This answer can vary greatly.  With today’s bullets and advanced broad-head designs the internal damage can be severe.  It all depends on how much damage your weapon has caused and also what we find when we butcher your harvest.  I have found bullets, broad-heads, horns, barbwire, old broken bones, and other items inside of animals.  But on average you will receive between 30-35 percent of the field dressed weight.  So if your deer weighs 100 pounds field dressed and there is no damage you will receive roughly 30- 35 pounds of finished goods.  We de-bone all cuts except for bone in roast and we remove all silver skin, fat, and damaged areas so you get the cleanest product possible.  In doing this amount of processing your total weight of finished goods will be reduced “No Bone/Fat Weight”.  There are other processors who choose to leave these items in and that allows them to have more weight and packages to the customer.  I do not feel like this is the best way to provide quality products so we do not practice this fashion of processing.