About US

1296052KW Custom Deer Processing was opened in 1988, we have been serving the local hunters for over 36 years.  We are a small family owned company that pride ourselves on providing great customer service and satisfaction.  All of our smoked products have been developed and are made by us.  That means each of our products have a unique taste that you will not find at any other butcher shop.  We also do all of our own cooking in house.  By preparing and cooking all of the products ourselves we can control the quality and cleanliness we will feel is needed to guarantee a great finished product to our clients.  We take great pride in the work and service that we provide to the local community, so the thought of sending out our products to be cooked in another facility is not acceptable to us.  We as a company strive to give our customers the best tasting and most useful products!

Note from the Owner

I want to take a moment to thank all of our current, and past customers and to invite our new customers to stop bye and visit us.  Every year I look forward to seeing my clients and catching up on what is going on within their lives.  Throughout the years I have been lucky to meet thousands of great people and share some memories that will last a lifetime, from seeing a parent and child stop bye with the child’s first harvest to seeing a experienced hunter bring in their new trophy it makes everyday at the Deer Shed enjoyable.  If you ever have any questions about my business or about other local outdoor interest please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to help.
Thank you again to all of my customers and if you are a new customer let us know when you stop bye I would love to meet you!!

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