Alex Mahurin

Here is the story of Alex Mahurin’s last Youth Hunt!


      I’m Alex Mahurin.
And This is the story of my last Indiana Youth Hunt. I was just a young boy whenever Indiana first introduced the Youth Hunt, and have hunted it ever since. I’ve hunted very hard and long in some rainy and hot weather on those hunts, with no success, and would have never guess my last year for the Youth Hunt would only be 2 hours long.
Me and my dad were set up on our bean field, and had bumped some does on our down wind side when we got there. We would have never thought that the night would end with this buck coming out on our down wind side. We sat there for two hours with an hour left of daylight, I leaned out to look in a corner to my left and seen this buck at 150 yards, and kinda feeding our way. Dad kept saying let him get closer, he headed our way, but I had the trigger finger, and was afraid he would get wind of us so I said I could make the shot, with never taking a shot that far before with this gun, I was a little nervous, so with a lot of thought, dad finally said okay, just let me know if you’re going to take it, I said, I’m taking it, so I zoomed the scope in and had a steady rest, aimed just to the top of his shoulder, took a deep breath and as i let it out slowly, i slowly pulled the trigger, and dropped him, it was just like on tv, his head and rack touched his back and down he went, and never left his tracks. I was using a 12 gage slug and a gun I like to call BLACK MAGIC , its never shot a doe, and each shot has been over 120 yard, and drops them every time! So with this buck, I ended my last Indiana Youth Season with a bang, And a memory that will last a life time with my dad and I.
Written By:  Alex Mahurin

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