Alayne Syvester

Here is the Alayne SylvesterA Sylvester story in her own words!

I got a call from my dad saying that he got off work early and that we could go hunting that evening. It was the first day of the youth hunt. We went to an old stand we had up and my dad threw another stand up for himself. We were in blue jeans and a tee shirt 25 feet up in a hard maple tree. It was 7:00pm and my dad said, “it’s deer thirty”. I got my .44 rifle and got ready. Next thing we knew a nice 9 pointer stepped into the field. I turned the safety off and drilled it at 30 yards. It fell right right under our tree stand. Then I couldn’t believe that I had already gotten my buck for the year.

Written By Alayna Sylvester

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