Blake Albertson

7429489While hunting with his dad and family friend young hunter Blake Albertson was able to harvest this giant Indiana buck.  The buck topped the scales at a whooping 233 pounds field dressed.  Blake harvested this buck at less than 10 yards with his bow, and to top it off this was his first bow harvest!!  I also learned after talking with Blake that his dad missed the buck with his bow that same morning, so I am guessing there is a little bragging going on between father and son!! Congratulations to Blake for his great harvest and I want to thank his dad and family friend for taking Blake out in the field to learn about the great outdoors.

The future of our hunting and fishing resources will weigh heavily on the shoulders of our young outdoors-men and women.  So it is imperative that we take the youth of our country out into the field and teach them about conservation and the value of our Great outdoors.  So our hat goes off to both Blake’s dad and family friend for exposing Blake to the great outdoors at a young age.

On a side note, Blake is also an accomplished angler.  In 2011 I was lucky enough to spend the day in the boat with Blake as he captured the 2011 State Bass Fishing Federation championship honors.  Our future natural resources  are in good hands with this young man.  Great Job Blake!!

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